Costa Rica Mission Journey 2016

Published on Sep 2nd, 2016 by Jasbir | 0

Even before our trip started we were enveloped by the words: we are going on this trip to assist the missionaries in Costa Rica in any way they need us. From the first day our leaders there explained how important it was in building relationships stating: “work is good but relationship is better.” Seeing the wisdom, we took this very seriously.
Every day was started and ended with a devotional given by a member of our team.

Our first day (Wednesday) in the field was a full day of painting the inside of a newly formed church, leveling an area of dirt floor, and hanging some plastic sheeting from the ceiling to keep out the rain. We also laughed with our hosts, laughed with each other and praised God for the gift of the trip.

Our second day (Thursday) started with a 5-hour bus ride to a place called Bri Bri. Just outside this town we landed at our hotel or perhaps hostel: very simple, no real amenities which included no reliable water. We dumped our luggage and headed immediately for the church, ate a quick lunch and started painting and getting ready for a full day of work the next day. It rained hard late that night.

The next day (Friday) we went to the church to find 3 inches of rain on the dirt floor of the church and around the outer buildings but we worked all day building a concrete wall, finished the painting, and hung plastic sheeting to keep out of the rain. We laughed, we prayed and we went to their church service until 10pm that night. Such lovely and gentle people.

Day four (Saturday) we headed up river in dugout canoes to the spot that we would climb what felt like a mile straight up a mud covered mountainside. A very hard climb but the big challenge came when we were told “don’t touch the trees”. Large ants on them could bite and make you deathly ill. At the top, we met a small indigenous group of Christians there. Beautiful people. We focused on relationships here and played games with the little kids. Lots of laughing and hugging.

Sunday was set aside for a 3-hour service at the in-town Catholic church and a half day at the market afterwards which included a tour of the city area.

Monday was set for a trip into the rainforest.

Tuesday was spent returning to America, home of the most generous people in the world!

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