The Externally Focused Life – A Six Week Church Wide Experience

Published on Dec 31st, 2010 by Patrick | 0

Here’s help embracing a lifestyle of service – one motivated by more than duty or obligation.  That sets you free to discover new meaning in…

  • Love – as you embrace a lifestyle of loving as Jesus loved.
  • Intersections – seeing God’s hand in moments your life intersects with the lives of others.
  • Fortune – experiencing what you’ve been given (whether much or little) as not yours alone, but something to share as God directs.
  • Eternity – seeing and celebrating your story and how you can experience the purpose of life that’s more than just about yourself.

You’ll meet ordinary people who are making a remarkable impact through their service and discover that their story can be yours.

Join us on this six week church-wide experience:

  • Sunday mornings with our Children
  • Wednesday evenings with our youth and adults
  • Come to worship for messages that bring it all together
  • Enjoy the fulfillment of living the life God created you for.

Our Topics Include:

  • Writing God’s Story
  • Merging your Passion and God’s Purpose
  • Minding the Intersections
  • Delivering the Goods
  • Learning to Leverage
  • Looking from Eternity

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