SERV Ministries – Prayer Needed for Mexican Church

Published on Oct 5th, 2010 by Patrick | 0


The community of Santa Rosa and the church at Pan de Vida is being directly affected by violence due to the presence of the drug cartels in the area. The dealers have purchased the house across from the front door of the church and are a constant threat to the children as well as the adults in the community. Pastor Gonzalo and the people of Pan de Vida are dealing with things we can’t even imagine as they minister to the community. This is our family – people we know and love that are experiencing hardships we cannot even imagine. We must do something!

Traveling to MX is not an option (and wouldn’t necessarily be practical or helpful), but we are not powerless. We can gather together, unite in prayer, and intercede on behalf of our brothers and sisters.

On Sunday, October 10th at 4:00pm, we will meet in the sanctuary at Hickory Flat UMC for prayer. If you can’t join us at Hickory Flat, gather in your home and pray with us for God to bless those in Santa Rosa with protection and power.

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