Responding to Oklahoma Tornados

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Responding to Devastating Tornados: ( http://www NULL.ngumc

“I know you are seeing and hearing news reports about the devastation and want to assist. … Do not self-deploy. Best practices in times of crises call for a collaborative response, so people who can help are directed to where that help and those skills are most needed and will be most effective,” wrote the Rev. Richard Norman, disaster response coordinator for the Oklahoma Conference.

The Oklahoma Confernce Disaster Response Team sent this email outlining how best to help. : ( http://www NULL.okumcministries NULL.htm )

How to Give
Donations may be made through your local church by putting a check in the offering plate made out to the church with a note for “2013 May Tornado Relief” on the memo line. Donations may be made directly to the Conference Treasurer’s Office by mail to:
Conference Treasurer’s Office
PO Box 102417
Atlanta, GA 30368-2417
Note Fund number #4085 for May 2013 Tornado Relief

How to Help
At this time we can best help by offering prayers, beginning to collect and assemble UMCOR kits, and taking stock of the skills and gifts our Conference can offer if volunteer support is needed in Oklahoma, Texas and other U.S. states. As communities reel from the devastation of tornadoes, remember that The United Methodist Church has a system in place for responding. We emphasize that no volunteers are needed at this time.

How to Stay Informed
Here are a few of the places to check for information on United Methodist relief efforts:
United Methodist Committee on Relief
North Georgia Conference Facebook Page
North Georgia Conference News Page at
United Methodist News Service Facebook page

How to Make Our Collaborative Effort Possible
Volunteer Organizations Active in Disaster (VOAD) in Oklahoma has alerted us that many unsolicited volunteers are showing up at the Incident Command Center in Moore. Please instruct all volunteers associated with your church or other individual volunteers or groups you may come in contact with to NOT self-deploy. Best practices include a collaborative response, so people are directed when needed and where needed so their help and skills will be most effective.

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  1. Marsha Kumar says:

    Father, we lift up all those who have been effected by this disaster. We pray that Your Peace and Comfort would surround those who have lost loved ones. For those who have been injured, we pray for healing in their bodies and emotions. We pray for all those who are working in the area that You would give them strength as they face difficult circumstances. May all the coordinators lead with Wisdom as they direct the recovery effort. May all those who are part of the recovery process work in unity and compassion. May every person who has a need find all their needs met whether its spiritual, medical, emotional, financial, a place to live, clothes or just someone to be by their side. Thank You Lord that you are a prayer hearing and prayer answering God. We praise You, In Jesus Name, Amen

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