Remember Kaleidoscope?

Published on May 27th, 2009 by admin | 0

Remember kaleidoscope?  I have always marveled at the beautiful unique designs that they make.  Several years ago I was visiting a colleague that collects kaleidoscope.  I never realized there were so many different kinds!!  Amazing!! I felt guilty after a while, I spent so much time looking through each of the different kaleidoscope, watching hundreds of unique designs.  Even though I had a great time playing with his collection, I do remember thinking at the time…why collect kaleidoscopes?

This past week I finished a book entitled “In a Pit With a Lion On a Snowy Day” written by Mark Batterson. (I recommend it’s reading).  In the book I read this sentence: “Just when we think we have God figured out, we discover a new dimension of God’s kaleidoscopic personality.”  As soon as I read this I was taken back to Mark’s living room and his collection of kaleidoscopes!!  WOW!!  I think I finally get why Mark collects kaleidoscopes!  They show us a different way of viewing this infinitely complex God of ours.

Mark Batterson went on to say, “Maybe faith has less to do with gaining knowledge and more to do with causing wonder.”  I am going to buy myself a kaleidoscope…I am going to look at these beautiful designs with wonder…I am going to marvel at my God.

Rev. Anne E. Rex

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