Sermon Series – Questions God Asks Us

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Questions God Asks Us

10 Week Sermon Series

Beginning Sunday August 1

Based on the book by Trevor Hudson

Trevor Hudson asks “Have you ever stopped to think about the questions that God asks in the Bible?” Maybe we have not because we think of the Bible as a book of answers.  Trevor Hudson takes a look at some of the questions and the reasons that God asks us.  “God wants us to be in a conversational relationship with God.  God allows us to wrestle with the questions rather than just handing down the answer, and a question has greater power to transform us than a straightforward answer, especially when it comes from God who knows exactly what question to ask.”

Join us as we probe…Questions God Asks Us

Aug 1        Where is your brother?     Rev.  Anne E. Rex
Aug 8        What is your name?     Rev. Frank Verdi
Aug 15      What are you doing here?     Mr.  Darrell James
Aug 22      Where are you?    Ms. Cheryl Griffin
Aug 29      What are you looking for?   Mr. Chuck Griffin
Sept 5       Who do you say I am?     Rev.  Anne E. Rex
Sept 12     Do you want to get well?     Mr. Kevin Lewis
Sept 19     Why are you crying?     Rev.  Anne E. Rex
Sept 26     Do you understand what I have done for you?     Rev.  Anne Rex
Oct 3         What is in your hand?     Mr. Wes Frye

You will not want to miss a single Sunday.  Each week you will learn how others have, and how you can, explore God’s questions in the context of your own life.

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  1. Susan says:

    I was searching the net for questions that God asked and I found this one it’s pretty cool.

  2. LD Montgomery says:

    What is the scripture verse for Do you understand what I have done for you?

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