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Merry Christmas!

33 years ago today, December 18, 1980, I became a Mom.  I will never forget that day for as long as I live.  What a special day in my life.  As my son, Anthony, celebrates his 33rd birthday today, I celebrate becoming a Mother, the second greatest gift I have received.  Thank you God!  (his current picture is attached…handsome guy!!!)

Each year, the week before Christmas, as I remember becoming a Mother, I think of Mary, the mother of Jesus, and what she must have felt like that day.  Even in the midst of not having a place to stay and a comfortable birthing place, I can only imagine the joy of the moment.

Certainly we can imagine that she was thinking that she had just given birth to the Son of God, who wouldn’t!  But I think that what was truly on her heart was that she had just been given the gift of Motherhood, and that her heart grew 10 sizes that day as she held her newborn son in her arms.  I don’t think her love for Jesus was any different than the love I had and have, for my son Tony.  A love that only a Mother knows, the day you become a Mother.

In Luke’s gospel it tells us that Mary pondered all the events that had happened around the birth of Jesus and treasured each memory in her heart.   I too ponder and treasure, just as Mary, remembering the days prior to his birth, the day of, the long labor, the beautiful dark haired baby boy that snuggled in my arms, the gift that keeps on giving.

This Christmas and every Christmas we are given the chance to ponder and remember who Jesus is and what he has done for each of us.  The gift that he is and has given.  The fulfillment of promises made by our awesome God.  Thank you God for the greatest gift I have ever received.  Thank you for babies, that remind us of love, intimacy, and grace.  Thank you Jesus that you love me so.  Thank you Spirit for bringing the truth and light of Christmas into our souls!

May the blessings of new life fill your hearts this Christmas.  Merry Christmas!!!

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