Pastor’s Blog 2014. The year is 2014!!

Published on Jan 10th, 2014 by Jasbir | 0

I am truly amazed that another year has gone by. That time keeps going on and the years keep piling on!!

So I have taken a minute to sit and think…what have I learned as I go into this new year? Will this year be different then the last? What lies ahead? Etc..etc…

This blog is not big enough for me to expound on what I have learned this past year. Suffice it to say…a lot!!!! I have learned humility and patience. I have learned about my selfish nature, my prideful nature, my controlling nature. I have learned how to cry, to worship, to be silent, to wonder. I have learned about beauty, in all its forms including imperfections. I have learned about pain and forgiveness. I have learned about letting go and letting in. I have learned how to give and receive. I have learned about God’s amazing love and grace. I have learned I still have much to learn.

Will this year be different then the last? Let’s hope so!! I have learned the importance of growing and in growing nothing remains the same. God continues to take me to new places most everyday. Some days are easier than others, but God’s promise of always being present, no matter what, makes the more difficult days more manageable. Thank you God!

What lies ahead? Have not a clue!!! God tells me not to be anxious, not to worry, that God will provide all my needs. So I think taking God’s advice and not worrying about what lies ahead is a good idea. What I do know about what lies ahead is that God will be present and more than ready to lead. I just need to be ready to be open to the call of God in my life and go wherever God leads.

I am excited for this year…not anxious, excited. Excited to see where God leads…excited to see what God will teach me, excited to continue to grow in my knowledge of God and myself.

God has been so good to me this year, as God has been every year of my life. I have just been more aware this past year and it has changed my life. I can only imagine what amazing work will be done this year! Yeah God!!

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