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We are thankful to our Bishop for his appointment of April Ellis and her family to The Chapel. Effective Monday, June 16, April will be taking the position of the Pastor at Fields Chapel!!! April, Sean, Faith and Hope are so very excited to be coming to The Chapel and can’t wait to get to know each of you.
Pastor April and Family
Here are a few things you and your family can do to welcome April and her family:

• Introduce yourself. Over and over!
• Send a card, a separate one to the children (Mail it to The Chapel and it will be here upon her/their arrival)
• Ask what you can do to help. (Don’t offer advice)
• Introduce yourself to her husband and children….find out about them!!!
• Offer a small gift; food (from your garden), flowers (homegrown) etc
• Remember what it was like to be new somewhere and respond with being helpful
Make April’s first sunday, June 22, a memorable one…don’t miss it!!! We will be celebrating April and her family with a Welcome Reception following the 11:00 service in the Fellowship Hall. We are asking that every family have a card for the Ellis Family. If you will not be here on the 22nd, please mail your card to The Chapel so we can give it to April and her family on this Sunday.


  1. Angela Clark says:

    Congratulations to Fields Chapel. The Ellis family is so dear to all of us at New Beginnings UMC. You are so blessed to have them as you pastoral family. We are lifting up the Ellis family and The Fields Chapel family in out prayers as you begin this new chapter.

    Angela and Steve Clark

  2. Tex and Diane says:

    All the best concerning your first sermon on Sunday. I we didn’t have 8 house guests at the ranch this weekend we would be there.

    Fay says she is coming and will report back to us.

    Go with God.

  3. Chris Bowker says:

    I am sure everyone here at New Beginnings were thinking of you today. You all will be missed! I am confident that in no time at all, your new church family will come to love you as much as we did! I’m looking forward to the Sunday I can come up and see you in your new surroundings. Blessings to Fields Chapel and the Ellis family!


  4. April Ellis says:

    Thank you, Chris!

    That was so very kind of you! Your prayers continue to make all the difference!
    I loved the Sunday you surprised us with that fabulous visit!

    All my love!

    In His Service,

  5. April Ellis says:

    Thank you, Tex and Diane!

    What a great note. Your encouragement & friendship has meant the world to Sean and I as are on this adventure!

    Blessings & Love!

    In His Service,
    Pastor April

  6. April Ellis says:

    Angela & Steve Clark –

    What a beautiful note! Thank you! We can not tell you how very much your support, prayers, and encouragement have meant to all of us on this adventure!

    We love you both dearly!

    Blessings & thanks!

    In His Service,

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