Not A Fan!! Post #5

Published on Mar 1st, 2012 by admin | 0

“Have you made a decision for Jesus or have you committed to Jesus?  There is a difference.  There shouldn’t be.  But there is a difference.  Many have made a decision to believe in Jesus without making a commitment to follow Jesus.  The gospel allows for no such distinction…. When we decide to believe in Jesus without making a commitment to follow him, we become nothing more than fans.”

I sat with a couple one time who wanted to join the church.  They had not been members of a church for a very very long time.  The church had hurt them.  As I sat and spoke with them they told me not to ask them to do anything, they were not going to get involved.

I my heart I knew that because they had been hurt so badly they needed to know the love of Jesus in new and wonderful ways.  I knew that once they felt that love, once they received that love, once their hurts were healed, they would make the decision to follow Jesus.  You would not recognize these people today.  They are not fans…they are followers!!

To be a part of someones spiritual journey and watch it unfold in this amazing way is a gift from God.  But the problem is, many folks just stop.  They just stop journeying.  They stop because of the cost.  They stop because they just might have to change their thinking, the way they act, what they believe Jesus is all about and what Jesus is asking them to be and do.  These are sad moments when you watch people stay in fan mode.  There is so much more when they choose to be a follower.

It is very easy for me to switch to fan mode.  It is just easier sometime.  But what I know to be true is that when I choose to be committed to Jesus, my life is filled with amazing opportunities to let others know and experience God’s love and grace.  When I am committed to Jesus, I experience and know God’s love and grace.  How amazing is that!!





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