Not A Fan! Post #4

Published on Feb 29th, 2012 by admin | 0

In the book of John we read about the story of Nicodemus, a man who comes to Jesus “in the night”.  Nicodemus knew that a relationship with Jesus was going to cost him.  At night he could spend time with Jesus, speak with Jesus, learn from Jesus without anyone seeing him.  He knew that to follow Jesus, out in the open, would cost him.  It would cost him respect, income, friendships, and family.

What has following Jesus, cost me?  Has following Jesus interfered with my life?

I know there are decisions I have made and things that I have done that I would not have if I had not been following Jesus.  But what I have received in response to those decisions and actions far out way any “cost” there might have been.  Yes, I could list the same things that Nicodemus was afraid of losing, and yes I have lost them, but I would do it again in  a heart beat.

What I understand is that I had to lose to gain.  I think Jesus said that!!!  “Those who lose their life will find it”




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