Moore Oklahoma

Published on May 21st, 2013 by Jasbir | 0

Dear Fields Chapel Family,

Words do not begin to explain, inform, or describe the devastation in the city of Moore, OK.  I sit stunned.  I cannot imagine how the people of the city and state are feeling today.  I am brought to tears as I see the pictures and listen to their stories, especially those of the children.

One thing I know is this… God was and is present, God’s strength, power, wisdom and love.  Present as people laid on top of others to save their lives as the wind took the safety of walls and roofs away.  Present as some were able to head the warnings and find safe places.  Present in each breath and next step these people take today and the days to come.  Present in the hugs and tears of fellow survivors.  Present in the thousands of volunteers that have shown up to help.  And yes, especially present as another family hears of the loss of life of their family and friends.  The Maker of the Universe has arms outstretched cradling this holy space and it’s people.

Each of us can be part of God’s presence.  We are present as we pray and this we will continue to do.  We are also present as we give financially.  Our brothers and sisters in OK are in desperate need of our financial gifts to help purchase items from a toothbrush, to furniture, to cleaning and building supplies.  Everything.

I am asking the Fields Chapel family to dig deep.  I am asking you to consider giving to the people of OK a sizeable financial gift.  Think of what it would cost you to replace everything…EVERYTHING in your home, your schools, your neighborhoods, your church, your city, EVERYTHING.  As well as needing funds to support you in the mean time.

We will be accepting your gifts for as long as it takes.  This will be a long recovery process and we want to be God’s presence.  The funds we receive will go to The United Methodist Committee on Relief (UMCOR).  Every penny of your gift goes to the recovery process, there is no administrative cost taken from your gift.

We will also have up to date information on our web site (http://www NULL.fieldschapel , that will let you know other ways that you can be of assistance.

God is present…we are God’s presence in the world.



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