Journey Through The New Testament

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Sermon Series – May 16th through June 13th

The New Testament is the world’s most influential collection of writings. The stories are profoundly rich, mysterious and beautiful. And for Christians, these books change everything.

Beginning Sunday May 16th, journey with us through the narrative of the New Testament. In this 5-week series, you will experience the stories first-hand, as Rev. Anne Rex takes you back to a time when the New Testament was written.

You’ll benefit from the best biblical scholarship, discovering profound new insights each week. And you will be inspired by the power of the scriptures and their meaning for you today.

Whether you’re just curious about the faith, or are a long-time believer, the unique series of messages will enrich your spiritual life, and bring history’s most important texts alive in a way you’ll not soon forget.

May 16    The New Testament in 30 Minutes (or less)
May 23    The Gospels
May 30    The Acts of the Apostles
June 6    Revelation
June 13   The Epistles

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