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I may not be thinking clearly yet, but God is!!

It is so very important for me every morning to spend time with God.  It is during this time that I call upon God to help me keep God as the focus of my day and nothing else. At times this is difficult when so many things are going on in my head.  But I have learned that this particular discipline is the one that keeps me in communion with God during my day.
I have heard many people say that if they don’t go to church on Sunday the rest of the week just seems to be a bit off.  I can not wait forSunday!!  I need God everyday, every morning, or I am way off center.
So, what do I do?  Well I know it sounds a bit crazy, but the very first thing that I do as I climb out of bed, is I grab my cell phone, and find my devotion apps and start reading.  And when I say I start reading, I start reading.  No matter where I am going, no matter how groggy I am, no matter what.  And I will tell you this, most mornings, my eyes are still trying to focus but I will not give up.  Some mornings, I have to read the words over several times, because my mind is still not yet awake, but I will not give up.  There are times I am in unusual places, but I will not give up.  And most mornings I wonder…is this what you want from me?
And this is what I have decided….Yes, yes it is what you want from me.  You have been awake planning and preparing this day just for me.  You are awake and waiting for me to wake up and soak in your Presence.  You are awake and anxious to meet me in all my morning glory (my husband phrase for me in the morning is “a butterfly arising from her cocoon.”)  You are awake and more than ready to receive me just as I am.  In fact, you don’t want me any other way.
So even though I may not have it all together in the morning I am grateful that God does and God is more than pleased that I make God my first thoughts in the morning.  Those first few moments  each morning are holy moments (and I already have my shoes off) that I look forward to as I awake each day.  You can have your coffee, cereal, exercise, whatever it is that you need to wake up…I will take my time with God over any of it, even half asleep!!
Pastor Anne Rex

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  1. Deborah Shields says:

    Thank you for recommending the “Namesake” study program. I have used it to start my days … I’m learning so much about God’s Word.

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