Grief Recovery @ Fields Chapel UMC

Published on Feb 12th, 2015 by April Ellis | 0

GRIEF RECOVERY IS SIX (6) WEDNESDAY NIGHTS (March 4 – April 1, 6:15-7:15pm). You can recover from grief in a healthy way!  Allow us to walk together and discover the natural stages of grief and what to expect.  The goal is not to move you through the stages faster than you are ready to move but to walk beside you.  Learn how the human mind deals with grief and the normal processes of grief and grief recovery as well as how God’s Word and witness guides us on this vital subject!  Sudden changes brought on in our lives can leave us stuck in one of the stages of grief.  This could range from jobs, to family connections, to loved ones. Let’s educate ourselves on what grief looks like and how we can recovery well!

GRIEF RECOVERY IS FOR … Anyone experiencing or who has experienced grief of lost relationship, person, or important thing.  Anyone wanting to help someone who has experienced grief or loss.  There is Bible study and great fun for all ages on Wednesday nights at the same time so bring out the whole family (infants on up!).  The Grief Recovery session itself is for those 16 and above.

GREAT GRIEF RECOVERY IDEA!  Ask someone you know to attend the class with you.  It is really amazing what sharing this experience with someone does to help them and you!  Come in time to share in a community pot luck supper @ 5:45pm.  All are welcomed to dinner, Grief Recovery, or both!

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