Current Sermon Series October 6- October 27

Published on Oct 4th, 2013 by Jasbir | 0

Life is full of movement. Movement is not a bad thing. If we are moving, we are living. We are making progress. Movement, though, is also exhausting—physically and mentally.  In some ways, all this movement can be paralyzing. We feel stuck or caught because though we’re moving all over the place there is no direction or meaning behind it. We know we’re moving, but we wonder if we’re really getting anywhere.  God says, “Be still.”  The scriptures place an importance on intentional time taken to be still before God. This sermon series  is focused simply on stopping, slowing down so there can be lasting change.


October 6    Be Still and Know  Psalm 46

October 13  Dealing With The Noise  1 Kings 19:9-13

October 20  Knowing and No-ing   Mark 1:29-39

October 27  Stand Still and See     Exodus 14:10-22

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