SERMON SERIES July 7- Aug 11, 2013

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July 7- Aug 11

Sinning Like A Christian; A New look at the 7 Deadly SIns

People may say that Christians are too judgmental, that we talk too much about sin, but it seems that the problem really is that we talk too much about other people’s sins – pointing out the proverbial speck in others’ eyes while ignoring the logs in our own.  We all know that we fall short of God’s ideals for us, but too often prefer not to dwell on the specifics of our own sinfulness.  During this sermon series we will dwell on our own shortcomings and find God’s compassion waiting.
We like to comfort ourselves with the fact we haven’t committed certain “big” sins, but what makes the Seven Deadly SIns (which are not directly biblical) perhaps more incisive than the Ten Commandments is their smallness, their personalness.  The seven are quiet, internal roots of so many other sins, and that is why we must explore them – and examine ourselves – so closely.
July 7    Thinking About Sin and Pride
July 14  Envy and Anger
July 28  Sloth and Greed
Aug 4    Gluttony and Lust
Aug 11  Grace and Cardboard Testimonies

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