Sermon Series May 19 – June 9

Published on May 18th, 2013 by Shannon McNutt | 0

Presented May 19 – June 9

Often the “third person of the Trinity,” The Holy Spirit is forgotten.  And yet, Jesus tells us that it is better that he go so the Holy Spirit will come!  The Holy Spirit is very important in Jesus’ life and he wants us to share in the knowledge and the need of the Spirit in our lives.  Join us as we uncover how the Holy Spirit can impact who we are and what we do!

May 19    Suddenly!  Acts 2:1-2


We often hear people say the phrase, “In God’s time.”  Usually that is said when we are waiting for something to happen. But what happens in our lives when things happen when we are not ready, when suddenly something new is happening, when suddenly you are no longer in control, when suddenly God is doing something different?

May 26    Filled!  Acts 2: 3-4

What does it mean to be filled?  What are you filled with?  And what are you doing with what you are filled with?  Too often we are filled with things like anger, hate, or sadness and busy spreading those diseases.   The Holy Spirit is eager for you to empty yourselves of those and make room to be filled with God’s Spirit to share with the world.

June 2     Purpose and Power!  Acts 2: 4

Today the church and it’s people need once again to be obedient to who God is calling it to be and to what God is calling it to do.  When the church fulfills its call to be and do according to the work of that life-giving spirit of God, its purpose will become clear and its work will be empowered in such a way that the world will be amazed and saved.

June 9    What does this Mean?  Acts 2: 5-13

What does it mean to be a follower?  What does it mean to know Jesus as your Lord and Savior?  What does it mean? What does it all mean?  The gift of the Holy Spirit in our lives helps us answer those questions for others and ourselves. Keeping the Holy Spirit close makes the questions “What does this mean?” a little less frightening.

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