Church Opening and Closings

Published on Mar 22nd, 2014 by Jasbir | 0

We continue to work on our renovations. So many things have happened including another water leak this past week! Yes water, water everywhere! The extra great news is that the leak was discovered prior to us completing our renovations. We would have had to tear up floors and cabinets and painted walls…but praise God we just had to tear up some concrete and some dry wall.
We do have some issues with the Men’s room and we are working on these. Until future notice the Men’s room is closed, however we have another bathroom that we have designated as the men’s room. It is located off of the church office.
While we take time for some walls and concrete to dry, we will begin putting in doors , priming and painting.
Please be aware that the church will be closed from Monday, April 7 through Friday, April 11 to level the floors, install new floors and install the cabinets. All activities will be cancelled for the week of April 7 – 11.
If you have any questions regarding damage, renovations, scheduling, cost, etc…please contact Rev. Anne or Kathy James.

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