Chuck’S Sunday Morning Prayers

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August 11, 2013

Lord We feel your presence here now, but what about Tuesday morning at 9am, in a traffic jam or when we are on vacation?

God do we see you in a forest of high rise buildings or in trees as tall as sky scrapers?

Father do we see you in our Grand Parent’s smiles or do we hear it in children’s laughter?

God is your power displayed in crashing waves on the seas or in the stillness of a mountain lane?

Lord only you can compare apples and oranges.

Is your love more like a dogs wagging tail or a purring cat?

Is it found on top of a mountain r deep in the valley?

Is it sunny side up or scrambled?

Is it black or white?

My prayer is that the answer is all of the above.

Not when where or how you are, Lord, but simply yes.



July 28, 2013

Are you here?

Can you hear me?

Do you hear our prayers?

Do you know my name?

Can you feel the pain?

Can you feel the love?

Will you be with us when we leave this place?

Will you be with us always?

Can you tell our loved ones that surround you that we miss them?

Will you watch over those we love here on earth?

Is there anything you would have us do for you?

Will you show us?



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