2012 Youth Mission Trip

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Sunday, June 24th thru Saturday, June 30th

Sumter County is in the central western part of Alabama and is close to Meridian, Mississippi. This is ARM’s founding site and began in 1998. Livingston is located in Sumter County and is best known for being the home of The University of West Alabama. Sumter County is severely poverty stricken and has little economic opportunity for its cit- izens. Despite the hardship, this community is very loving and contin- ues to welcome and inspire ARM staff and volunteers each summer. Groups may come to Sumter County to do home repair, work at the Sunshine Day Camp, or do both. Housing, meals and activities take place in the Southern Sportsman Hunting Lodge located in Livingston. 

  • The main lodge has rooms with bunk beds and will accommodate up to 4 people per room.
  • The lodge also has two bunkhouses with 30 beds per room and a common bathroom with 5 showers and 3 commodes each.
  • Full, industrial kitchen is provided.

Most of our week will be spent on Home Repair: we will be partnered with a family to repair their home and share your heart with them. This is not a painting ministry but more like replacing roofs; building wheelchair ramps, reconstructing floors and more, there will be some painting, and possibly some landscaping. But these are families with serious needs who have few resources and many times have been scammed. RSVP to Rev. Anne (pastor null@null fieldschapel NULL.org) please.

$220.00 + Travel + Misc Expenses

We will be working with Alabama Rural Ministry (ARM)  (http://www NULL.arm-al NULL.org)

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  1. lisa (http://www NULL.arm-al NULL.org) says:

    We are really excited about you all coming and joining us. The areas you serve in are extremely poor but the families are wonderful! Can’t wait to see you all!

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