Thank You From Our Pastor Anne Rex

Published on Nov 1st, 2013 by Jasbir | 0

Dear Fields Chapel Family

Your time over the past month to share with me your love and support has been amazing. Each day to receive your words of encouragement and love was a treat hard to match. Each day, a new voice, special words, new insight, always grace. Thank you.

Your special gift of love last Sunday at the 11:00 service was overwhelming. The presence of the Spirit in The Chapel brought chill bumps!!! Thank you.

Gary and I are so very excited about the possibility of going to the Holy Land! Thank you for your financial gifts toward this trip!!

Words do not truly convey my love for you, my happiness in the opportunity to serve with and for you, and the joy I feel in being your Pastor. But let me say…I love you! I am honored to serve with you. I am proud to be your Pastor. I continue to look forward to the future and pray for God’s continue wisdom, blessings and grace on you and The Chapel.

You are all amazing!
I love you!

Pastor Anne Rex (anne NULL.e NULL.rex null@null hotmail

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