Bible Power Kids – Children’s Program at the Chapel

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Changing the world


one child at a time!



At The Chapel

Programs and activities designed

 for children birth through 4th grade.



 Raising children is a tough task. There are so many influences, so many demands and only so much time and energy.  That’s why we want to partner with you as you work toward leading your child on that critical journey from childhood to a healthy, happy, and God-honoring adult life.

 We offer a number of ongoing children’s ministries, as well as special programs through the year, to give children a clearer understanding of God and God’s good plan for their lives, as well as providing a safe and fun place for them to be with friends.  You’ll love our excited, Kid- friendly staff and volunteers who have a contagious enthusiasm for Jesus.

We hope you will allow us to be a helpful partner in your difficult but incredibly important job of parenting. Let’s join forces to provide the guidance children need to experience God’s good, healthy, fulfilling and joyful plan for their lives.

Feel free to contact The Chapel with any questions or concerns regarding our children’s ministry


Provide a safe and fun environment for children to learn about God and start building a foundation in their faith through ways that are fun and interactive.

Gather children in love and help them grow in the Word of God so they will be equipped to go into the world as disciples of Christ.

Involve children in the total life of the church, from helping in worship, through public prayer, singing,   learning about God in Sunday School or Vacation Bible School, and serving God in a variety of age appropriate service opportunities available throughout the year.


God calls us to be in ministry to and for children of our church, the community and the world.  In doing so, God calls us to make our church a safe place, protecting children and other vulnerable persons from physical, sexual and/ or emotional harm.

To live this call out, we have adopted a ministry and policies entitle “Safe Sanctuaries”.  In doing so it is The Chapel’s absolute and unwavering commitment to the safety and spiritual growth of all our children and youth.  Copies of our policies are available in the Church office.


NURSERY – 8:40am to 12:00pm

Fields Chapel has a nursery which is staffed by people who have a genuine love for infants and toddlers.  These teachers are not merely providing childcare – they are seeking to extend God’s love through music and play.

The nursery is staffed during both worship services and Sunday School.

Age limits for the nursery is from birth to kindergarten.

Nursery staff are both CPR and First Aid certified


Fields Chapel offers graded classes for children’s Sunday school.  Our volunteer teachers work hard to convey the message of Jesus to children in timely and creative ways. Using materials geared to all learning styles, our teachers create an environment where learning biblical truths is fun and exciting to all types of kids!


Beginning in April 2013 Fields Chapel will be launching a new ministry for children titled The FLASH Zone.  FLASH = Follow, Love And Serve Him. This program will be offered monthly during the 11am worship service and will be our unique version of a worship service geared specifically for kids!




Our incredible nursery is staffed each Wednesday evening following our fellowship dinner.

Age limit for nursery is from birth to kindergarten.


Bible POWER Kids is our mid-week children’s program designed for children age Kindergarten through 4th grade.

The program is designed to:

(1) Partner with children

(2) Open their lives to Jesus

(3) Witness to them

(4) Engage them in their spiritual journey

(5) help them Recognize their spiritual gifts.


Each Wednesday evening leaders will teach major Bible stories and concepts through Kid-friendly, hands –on, multimedia workshops.  Kids will travel through the Bible one story or lesson at a time focusing on each lesson for a period of 4-6 weeks. As they rotate through the workshops each week they will learn about God in dynamic and creative ways using a variety of methods including drama, storytelling, movies, art & crafts, food, science and games.


5th SUNDAY                                                                        In the month that a 5th Sunday arrives…the children will participate as our worship leaders during our




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  1. Effie Woodard says:

    Hi, I am a children’s pastor in Asheville, NC. I love your Bible PowerKids theme!!!
    Would you be willing to share your curriculum/programming ideas?

    Thanks so much!

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